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The burning question: What Has Jake been up to?


Greetings from my corner of the universe!
Hey all, I just thought I’d start blogging to you as much as I can as I go throughout this adventure known as life.  I’ve always fancied myself a decent writer, but let’s see how well my blogging skills are?

After spending the day running, mowing the lawn and doing other chores around the house, my friend from out of town called me and wanted to go out for dinner.  Where is a good place to go to dinner in Vancouver, Washington you may ask?  I don’t have a great answer for that question just yet.  However, I can tell you that Who Song and Larry’s Happy Hour on the Columbia is a great deal.  $4 margaritas and $5 supreme chicken nachos…are you kidding me? It’s delicious.  Unfortunately I only allowed myself only one margarita and half the plate of nachos since I’m convincing myself I’m getting ready for a 5K in a little over a month.

The 5K training has taken over my life for the time being.  Eating healthier, thinking healthier and just all around living healthier.  Best part? I can already see the results and its only been a little over a week.  I feel better and am just in a better mood over all. Hopefully all the hard works pays off and the race is a fun time.

Other than that I’m currently swimming in too many books to name off on here.  I have this problem where I’ll start a book, really like it, but move on to another one before I actually finish it.  Do I get bored? I’m not sure what is going on but I really shouldn’t buy anymore books considering I have a baker’s dozen sitting next to my bed. In my hand’s right now however is Flex Mentallo “Man of Muscle Mystery” by Grant Morrison.  It is a fascinating 4 part mini series comic that really makes you think about comic books and any sort of storytelling outlet in general. I can tell you more details about it as I read it. Hopefully I can finish this one before I move on to the next one.  Wish me luck!

Well this is about all I can muster up for my first official blog just for me and just for you guys.
On that note, this is JHawk saying to you have a great day!