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“-30-” aka 9 months of my life.

After over half a year of struggle, pain and a problem with finding enough time to complete the task, I’ve finally finished something truly great: the entire series of “The Wire.” While this doesn’t seem like a very fantastic feat, consider this: the show is 60 episodes long spanning 5 seasons. I started the show back in December I believe, in doing so I could procrastinate on studying for finals. The show then turned in to a silent obsession of mine. Because of the long, dry and drawn out plot points and themes I couldn’t really watch the show with anybody other than myself. Sure I tried, but my friends have shorter attention spans and prefer a quicker resolve. “The Wire” is not only a show you have to start from the beginning, but if you want to truly appreciate the spectacle in its entirety, you will have to watch all 60 episodes. In doing so you’ll join the ranks of me and millions of other people who have triumphed this show.
The reason why it took me personally so long to watch the series is for several reasons. Between last December and now I had other shows that I was staying on top of; shows like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones always have priority over old series that have already ended. On top of that I had my final semester in college to go through, vacations and other projects to complete.
I must say now that if you appreciate drama, realism and have patience, this show can easily become one of your top favorite series ever produced. With that being said, its not for everyone. Extensive use of profanity and a realistic grittiness that might offend some people definitely may deter some folks.
Now the big question is, what show do I view next? HBO is running out of series that I’ve already watched. But I’m going to be honest, still haven’t experienced the Sopranos, Oz or Boardwalk Empire…and if they each take me as long as the Wire did, then I won’t be finishing those for another year or two. And I just have one thing to say to that: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
I’m going to miss Jimmy and Bunk’s blacked out trips to the bars; Barksdale and Marlo always evading the cops through intelligent, cryptic codes that I couldn’t even dream of cracking: props to you Lester. And if I ever see a homeless man pushing a shopping cart down the street I’ll most definitely think about my boy Bubbles.
Truly, living in Baltimore, “…the life of kings.”