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Banshee: new favorite show or another failed cable action/drama series?

As an underemployed college grad I have a lot of time on my hands. This is a cold, hard fact. While this doesn’t alarm me as much as it probably should, my hardest problem in life right now other than trying to find a career job is trying to find something to fill the void of time I have since college doesn’t exist in my life anymore. I’m pretty picky with how this time is filled. Since I fancy myself a content creator, I find myself often critiquing others content. I don’t think I am above any TV show or movie, but I understand that not every piece of media is going to satisfy every single person. In fact, I find most action/thriller/dramas on TV to be watered down and void of inspiration or story. Or we can have the opposite where there is too much story/dialogue and lack of action or entertainment on the screen to keep us interested. Having a successful series in this vein is a balancing act between these two aspects. Every now and then we have a show that balances it out and captures us with a great pilot. I’m hooked on Banshee.

On paper it looks like its going to be great. One of the creators of True Blood. Ex convict fresh out of prison. Assumes the identity of the new sheriff in a small town. There is legit Amish Mafia. BOOM! You had my attention at Amish Mafia (feeling the void that Discovery Channel teased us with but let us all down with that DBAG Levi). The main star is a martial arts expert with a mysterious past. His love interest is married and moved on with no cut of the money that he thought would be waiting for him. He doesn’t get the girl or the money. What is he to do? How about assume the identity of the sheriff and take on the real Amish Mafia. Some of it is generic, but it also has substance. The unforgiving violence and sex scenes are definitely earning its M rating, but they serve a purpose to contrast the innocence that Banshee County seemingly has. It recently premiered on Cinemax on Friday, Jan 11th. If the second episode is half as good as the pilot then I have another hour long show to fill my void of loneliness.

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Where have you been…fo’ reals. What’s this about a film that you are planning on producing?

Well ladies and gentlemen, life happens. Sometimes we make promises (like writing routine blogs) to ourselves, that we just can’t keep. I told myself I’d be blogging more often and reviewing different mediums weekly. I try to do it and I just can’t find a rhythm to it. I deeply respect most weekly and daily bloggers now. Not only do you have to have the time to do this…but you also need to have content to share. Reviews are only interesting if you’re genuinely interested in the subject matter that is being talked about or if the reviewer themselves are interesting/funny. I’d like to think that what I talk about is interesting or that I’m interesting/funny. I just don’t have the same wit and cleverness with words that some possess. Seriously, what the hell is up with people like that? People that can keep your attention and keep you interested in whatever they are writing about throughout the whole piece: screw you. Making the rest of us look bad. Your word vomit will probably be indefinitely better than my opus of words. I’m so darn jealous of people that can just communicate well. My brainz dunt werk that will.
Enough on that rant. While I write my ears are being treated with the new Angels & Airwaves all instrumental CD, “Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal.” Let me tell you, I am not impressed. I am all for bands experimenting with different sounds that make you question why you even liked them in the first place. It is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately it rarely works out. Need I remind you of Snow Patrol’s “A Hundred Million Suns?” I applaud them all for going out of their comfort zones and trying something new and one out of every five songs on these experimental albums are actually good, but they aren’t the reason I listen to your band. People don’t like to have their minds challenged. And that is exactly what bands do when they put out BS like this. This album in particular just sounds like recycled, darker versions of songs that we’ve already heard. I don’t want to accuse bands I really like to just be about the money, especially when they’ve released whole albums for free before…but really? This is the one you’re going to charge people for? If you MUST do it, do it under a different name. That might make it go down a little easier than cough syrup. A few of the songs on this new album are tolerable, and down right enjoyable. A fan might find the song “Diary” pretty nice piece to consume.

Speaking of things nice to consume, I just witnessed the film known as “The Man with the Iron Fist” tonight, and I can wholeheartedly endorse this movie for its awesome martial arts and down right hilarious dialogue and story. The fact that they got Russell Crowe is in this movie and plays a ridiculous character should be enough reason to give it a watch. The blood and gore can be over the top but if you watch it with a light heart you can see that the choice to use tons of blood is not only pretty cool to see but it also lends itself to be a commentary on how we view violence in movies. At least, that’s the way I choose to look at it.

Here is another weak segue in to what I meant this blog to be about in the first place: to keep in the spirit of movies, I can officially announce that Cody Barton and I are done with our first draft of our first full feature length film. I intend to use this blog as a place where I will discuss production and other developments. I also plan on making a website for the film, but for now we will keep it all here. Without giving away too much I can say that the film is a comedy titled, “Clean Sweep” and stars both Cody and I. It is a film about redemption, perseverance and friendship. It is also pretty politically incorrect, but what good comedy isn’t? We hope to produce the whole thing ourselves in the Vancouver/Portland area with a tiny budget. We plan on starting a KickStart campaign for the film for anybody that is willing and able to donate to the project.

That is all I can really discuss for now, but I appreciate all of your feedback and views here on my blog and portfolio. Hopefully I’ll be more frequent with my posts, as I find this whole experience to be therapeutic, even if I do tend to rant a little bit. I apologize for burying the lead on this one, but I had to vent. Thanks for listening.