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40mm pancake lens review and why a talking pig can’t sell me insurance


While I’m relatively new to the DSLR market and have a pretty low end model in the 650d, I’m loving getting in to the whole culture of amateur photography.  I recently purchased the 40mm pancake lens Canon released last year.  I’ll upload a few of the shots that I took yesterday while I was in the backyard while talking about some of the strong points of this pancake lens.


As you can tell, the details are crisp, the colors are sharp and you can shoot all day long while you have this thing in your hands.  The weight isn’t even a concern like it is a lot of the time.  One of the greatest parts about this lens is also its downfall: the fixed zoom of only being 40mm forces the photographer to frame their shots in whatever place they are standing.  This makes for great portrait and macro shots, however when you’re trying to capture wild life (which is what I was trying to do yesterday) it is nearly impossible to get any good shots.  While I knew this before I even attempted to take some shots, I thought the animals would be a little more willing to be photographed, but even my little dog was acting like a crazy mofo when I showed up with my camera:




The action shots I got were few and far between, but the ones I did get were actually pretty crisp and beautiful with the greens and natural light.  Pros: weight, framing the shot in your mind and crisp detail.  Cons: no zoom, making wildlife shots nearly impossible.

I think the bottom line is I have to go out with this lens sometime again soon and have some models I can actually communicate with: maybe a talking pig that can’t take a hint from his date that she wants to get it on.  Seriously bro, get off your cell phone and give this girl a chance instead of playing FRUIT NINJA all night long.

Unfortunately, I feel for the guy, I’ve been in that situation before.  Sometimes you aren’t feeling the date, and I think that is the part of the story we aren’t seeing here: that this girl is super boring to talk to or be with, and she just wants to get it on.  There has to be chemistry, and we’re only getting pieces of this puzzle.  How did the car break down in the first place?  Maybe this crazy psycho b**** sabotaged the car on purpose to get them stranded up there?  In which case you best believe I’d be bringing FRUIT NINJA out to play.  If anything, I’d be calling 911 and not my insurance company.  Maxwell the Pig, get your priorities in order ASAP, before this girl cuts you up and grills you on the hood of your broken car.  Bacon & eggs sound really good right now…

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#Bomberthursday: coming to a city (or instagram feed) near you!

On our last full day here in Colorado, we decided to go out on a bang. Literally. With Bomber Thursday.
This morning started out slow and early again with my friends going for a morning jog, while I tried to sleep in the latest I could. My eyes opened at a crisp 845am and I knew it was going to be a good day. We quickly ate breakfast while she-who-shall-not be named worked on a school project. By the time we finished our delicious breakfast wraps she too finished her paper.
Off to Golden, Colorado we went; the Coors Brewing company was our next destination. Hastily we parked and ran to the touring desk to get our wrist bands and free beer for the short tour. Three free 10oz glasses were allotted to me, and I gratefully obliged and imbibed.

I had one Batch 19, a Blue Moon and finished with a classy Coors. A little too buzzed to drive I was made aware by an old friend to always phone home:

We then took a detour to Boulder, where we went on a mini hike for some great views:



After these amazing vistas we strolled on down to Avery Brewing where we sampled their Czar, sour and another drink that I cannot remember the name, but was 16% alcohol and could not be served in a larger amount than 4oz:

After we were merrily full, we drove back and stopped at a burger joint in Lakewood, where apparently they tax you for just eating in their town on top of regular taxes. I won’t be back again to support your public improvement fee:

We ended our day in a beer haze that included 8 bombers (22oz bottles of beer) with some old and new friends. Varieties included: the Meddler, Odell’s Brewery; La Foile, New Belgium Brewery; the Oregasmic, Rogue Brewey; Duvel, and last but not least a highly rare beer from Avery Brewing, brewed by one of the brewers for his wedding. All of which were delicious and feeling. Bomber Thursdays will continue in Portland!


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Phase 10: and other things I’m great at

As I recollect on my second day in Denver, I can’t help but smile at all the things I can check off my bucket list.
The day started out slow and easy with a quick drive to downtown Denver to where all the hipsters apparently meet. I quickly scarfed down a bacon and egg sandwich while all the vegans watched in horror!
We then hopped in the car again and had a little time to kill so we stopped off at Washington Park…although I was made aware after I instagrammed our time there, that the locals call it “Wash” Park. Thanks “she-who-shall-not-be-named.”
The park was beautiful and bursting with feathered beasts to attack you.

And also non feathered beasts that just wanted to pway..all, wook, a squwwwwwwiel!

After our brief encounters with the local wildlife at their watering hole, we wandered to my kind of watering hole: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey!

We spent the next hour touring the facilities and drinking some of the finest whiskey distilled in the world. Although some of the people were in our touring group were a little obnoxious, most were pretty fun to hang with for an hour. While we were being IDd by the tour guide, the guy behind me noticed my Washington State driver’s license and proceeded to show me that he too was a fellow Washingtonian. Not only that, but he was from Brush Prairie, just a few cities over from where I grew up.
At the end of the tour we got our shot and after learning how much time and work goes in to each barrel, I really appreciate it that much more. Consider this: their whole warehouse stock is what Jack Daniel’s produces in a day. Amazing.

We continued our alcohol fueled day with a pit stop at Great Divide Brewery, for a sampler of all their fine beers. I suggest the Titan IPA!

Derek and I then pounded some cheap beer and checked off one of my bucket list items: a meal at Casa Bonita:)

You enter in to what seems an already giant building in a sketchy area of Denver, to what seems an even bigger room where you have to stand in line for 15 minutes just to get your food. The price of admission for this ride: $14 for a gordita, but man was it worth it. We were quickly seated after we received our trays of food, and were treated to a live show of half naked teenagers cliff diving into a pool. It was everything Cartman from South Park made it sound like it would be: heavenly bliss.

After our meal we explored some caves, went through a gold mine, and played some arcade games. But I think this guy had the best seat in the house:

We ended our day with a nice game of Phase 10, a game I was introduced to by an old girlfriend several years ago. A game I was never able to win with her and her family or anybody else after..until tonight! I started out pretty well with a quick phasing up and leaving everybody in the dust till around round 4. Then I trolled for several rounds and was getting tons of points left and right. At one point I was trailing by over 100 points behind Derek and she-who-shall-not-be-named. I was devastated. But with one round I changed the tides into my favor and went from last to first! After trolling the other two for another couple rounds I was finally won phase 10 by quote a few points. The game has so many highs and lows, I’m just glad I ended at a high. Not as high as those cliff divers at Casa Bonita, but I do not envy those guys at all. Even if they do work at “the Disneyland of restaurants.”-Cartmen


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Why D2: Mighty Ducks is the best sequel ever

My first day in Colorado started out great. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from where I’m staying is Red Rocks Amphitheater. And that’s exactly where our journey started at 9am. We ran some stairs, ran out of breath, and then ran out of memory on my 4gig memory card of pictures. Doesn’t matter, that’s what iPhones are for, right?

Our next leg of the journey was checking out Tommy Knocker Brewery in Idaho Springs. The beer was great, I had the wheat ale which had notes of citrus and hit the spot right after hiking around Red Rocks.

We then walked on down to The Argo Gold Mine for a much needed history lesson to break up all the fun and alcohol. The fun was short lived however when the man at the touring office wanted a whopping $16 per person to learn about the history of the mine..sheesh! Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather spend that $$$ on craft beer happy hours. We didn’t leave totally empty handed though. We did get this cool picture of Derek:

We continued on our journey to Clear Creek where at some sections it was completely frozen over:

20130205-235520.jpg This is the same creek that Coors Brewing Co. gets their water from. As tempting as it was, neither of us added to the piss water that’s known as Coors Light (just kidding, CL is probably my favorite light beer).
We then roamed over to Buffalo Bill’s grave up on Lookout Mt.

Some great views from up there, along with some funny photo ops:


We ended our day by going to the Mecca of alcohol: Tipsy’s. This place was described to me as Disneyland for alcoholics or just adults who love alcohol a little too much. You know what? I wasn’t lied to. With a giant inviting door like this, how could it be anything less?

There were awesome life size statues of some of my favorite drinking buddies, mainly my dancing lady from Sailor Jerry’s, boy was she beautiful in person.

I ended up buying a couple of imported sour beers from Belgium and am currently drinking them while watching the original Mighty Ducks movie on HBOGO. After thinking on this, there is no better sequel than D2. I don’t even really have to explain this one. If you don’t agree with me, we honestly can’t be friends. Between Goldberg’s shenanigans and the fact it’s the jr Olympics, the stakes couldn’t be higher…oh wait they can be. Iceland is the bad guys! Classic. Remember, ducks fly together!