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My thoughts on premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It has happened. Joss Whedon’s humbled return to the TV has finally come to pass, and the Internet didn’t explode! We haven’t had his sharp quips, strong female leads, and crazy plots since Dollhouse. Which, if you ask me, I was never crazy about. Yeah it was an interesting premise, but not for a serialized TV show. But that’s beside the point. Agent Coulson is back, with new employees, a past shrouded in “comic book-like” mystery and a flying convertible. What more could you want?



The show is part espionage thriller, part weekly drama, part comedy then add the threat of super humans in the background and you get the picture. I honestly can’t delve that into the show without giving you plot details, but suffice to say, there is a lot of exposition in the episode along with some over the type character types. I hope we will see less of these two detractors in the future. Let’s face it, they were adapting a multi billion dollar movie franchise in to the silver  screen…they had to explain some things.

You got hard mystery leader in Coulson, you got your n00b in Agent Ward, your computer hacker (and somehow incredibly young and attractive) Skye, you got your grizzled veteran haunted by a mysterious past in Agent May, then we have the two geeks of biochem and tech in “Fitzsimmons.” All of these characters seemed really shallow and cliche, but I’m positive as the show matures, so will our understanding of these seemingly one dimensional characters.

Welcome to Level 7 ladies and gents. Whether you want it or not, ABC has a home run hit with this series. Sure, we all would’ve loved to have it on HBO…but that was never going to happen. So let’s be happy it is happening, tune in and enjoy it for what it is: a less super powered version of the Avengers with way less action. The good news is, because of this show, FOX may have a new comic book property show set in the world of Gotham, following Detective Gordon before Batman hits the streets. All in all, it is a great day to be a comic book nerd.

What did you guys think? Did you enjoy the premiere? Sound off in the comments below, and let me know how I’m doing. Also like, share, subscribe. All that good stuff.

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Initial Reaction to GTAV

Every now and then there is a piece of media that changes the way you think about the medium in which it is being delivered. It also can challenge you to look introspectively, asking questions about the piece of media, you may begin to really be asking questions about yourself. Grand Theft Auto 3 changed the way I thought about video games and storytelling in general. Sure, the dialogue was flat, the protagonist never spoke a word, but all of a sudden I realized how amazing digital story telling is. I started writing my own stories at this time (none of which will ever see the light of day because of how horrible they are) and it made me realize how exciting of a time we are living in. Here is the sprawling city, an adult playground if you will. You get to run around, do whatever you choose to do, all the while a story is unfolding around the city around you.

Rockstar Games didn’t pioneer open world, sandbox narratives but God damnit, they have nearly perfected it. In GTAV we see three totally different character’s stories interweave in to another. The missions aren’t tacked on, and don’t feel like the usual “drive here, beat some people up, lose your wanted level and drive back.” Sure that still happens every now and then, but as Rockstar’s core audience has aged and matured, so has the developer ‘s stories and nuanced approach to letting the story unfold.  One moment you’re jetskiing away from a porn set on a boat, the next you’re tripping on acid and escaping rabid monkeys and probing aliens, finally flying over Los Santos in your underwear. Just five minutes before I swear I was doing yoga. I was doing YOGA in friggin GRAND THEFT AUTO!!!

And I guess this is my only negative, and it isn’t so much as a negative as it is an observation on where they go next. The amount of mini games and activities makes this a game that you can easily sink hundreds of hours in to. You wanna play tennis? Golf? Do you want to race your ATV around a lake, then jump in an airplane, make some drug drops, land and go hunting elk and cougar? You can do that too. There is literally a mini game when you get a lap dance at a strip club. The game is insane, massive, epic and all the while still has the tone we all love: self deprecating America, all the while making it out to be a beautiful place to live at the same time. The duality of the two opposites is what I’ve always loved about the games and their sense of humor.

Without giving away anymore spoilers, I think I’ll leave my first impressions to just that. I might do a little review after I beat the “story” mode but I know between all of the other side missions/mini games and the upcoming online component, I think it was a $60 well spent. All of you on the fence about buying it because of the new consoles…don’t fret, you won’t regret it.

What are your thoughts and opinions about the new Grand Theft Auto? Did you love it as much as I do? Sound off in the comments section.

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Forgive me for being MIA this past week

I hate it when bloggers apologize for being gone for a week. It isn’t like I’m that important, or that you are truly missed for being gone for that long. Seriously, get off your high horse, its the freaking Internet, none of these people really care about your thoughts/opinions/stories.  I’m so ashamed by the fact that I’m acknowledging that I’ve been gone and apologizing, that I doubt I’ll repost this post on any outlet, so if you do come across this page, it is because you are super curious about all of my writings, or you came across it on stumbleupon, which is awesome.

I’ve just been swamped with work, and I’m knee deep in Dexter. Why has this show been hiding from me for so long? I’m about halfway done with season 2 and I’ve only been watching it for a week.  No spoilers to me, but I should be done with the whole series in probably another 2 weeks, at the rate I’m going. Anyway, the show has inspired me, and I think I’m going to start posting my short stories here on my wordpress blog for you guys to enjoy. So keep your eyes peeled for that in the coming weeks. Hopefully something else will inspire me before then.

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My Thoughts on the Futurama Series Finale (Spoilers)

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! Futurama ended exactly the way I wanted it to.

What I wish I could yell to 1D

I say “spoilers” in the title but how can there be spoilers in Futurama? This semi-serialized cartoon has been permeating throughout the space time continuum for over 13 years, we all knew how it was supposed to end.

The series follows a mid-20-something pizza delivery boy who was frozen in time for a 1,000 years right when the clock stroke midnight on January 1, 2000. The basis of the show is right there: culture shock, crazy characters and far out adventures with hilarious dialogue. I think I’ve seen every episode 5 times, and some of the stuff his robot companion Bender says still makes me laugh upon rewatching.

Bender’s Ultimate Deflation

The show has more heart than any other cartoon/comedy out there. While all the characters are flawed/stupid/self obsessed or just down right unlikeable at times, they crew always ends up caring for each other in the end. A lot of the stories centered around Fry and the discovery of what a beautiful life he had before he left the year 2000. If you have a dog, and you haven’t seen dog episode titled “Jurassic Bark” then you’re doing your dog a disservice. Seriously, go find that episode and watch it, now. Saddest thing I’ve ever seen on a tv show.

Fry’s emo dog Seymour

But I think beyond the comedy, the absurdity and the constant philosophical, meta-ness that is the aura of “Futurama” at its core, the show was a love story that 1,013 years to come to a head. Sure it took 13 years for Fry to finally bag Leela, but he was an underdog from the beginning. A stupid delivery boy, a neanderthal from the stone ages. And I think this is why the show hit a stride with me ever since it first premiered in 1999.  Phillip J. Fry is me, and he is you. A stupid delivery boy, a neanderthal from the stone ages.  We are all confused, selfish, culturally assimilated and set in our ways trying to find purpose in the cosmos.

The series most powerful moments in terms of comedy and provocative themes always occurred when they could draw parallels to modern day life problems that still happen in the future. The self deprecating humor and own self awareness made this show one of my favorites of all time, pun intended.  Although the show has officially been cancelled 3 times before in the past (once on Fox, once on DVD and another time on Comedy Central) and has always been revived, this episode was a series high note. Most fans will be happy with what masterpiece they did here: in  the fun, time twisted world of New New York, we got to see Leela and Fry get married, live until an old age and showing how much they truly loved each other. Then true to Futurama form, they have the chance to be young again and do it all over. The writing and logic of the final episode gave the fans the closure and satisfaction we need if the series never comes back, but also the open-endedness that allows for more movies or shows to return. Either way, the show will remain one of my all time favorites, and I am happy with the ending, and hope for its return. I will be the first one to line up at a real theatrical release of the movie, money in hand saying:

How about you guys, what did you think of the series finale? Did you watch the show to begin with? Maybe you’re the reason that one of my favorite cartoons was cancelled! Alright, well you should like, comment, subscribe do all that stuff and share if you found this blog interesting at all. If you haven’t already, check out my last post about one of my best friends getting married. I’m sure I’ll write a post wedding blog sometime in the future with pictures and such. Till then, goodbye “from the world of tomorrow!”