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Summer 2016

The first drops of rain have started to hit the Portland streets. Yet as I swerve past the stupefied, angry driving commuters I smile with each H20 splash on my face. Why? Well, this has been a summer of blessings- splashy, Poke filled blessings.

Floating in Maui


Summer didn’t start out exactly as planned, but it is in times like these you persevere, make lemonade out of Beyonce and ultimately travel to Maui as many times as you can possibly get away with.


You drink too much beer with good friends. You seek out career changes and you go head first into the great unknown.

International Beer Festival

Adventure comes in many shapes and sizes. Some small. Some larger. Some Pokemon size. Hopefully you’ll have somebody by your side to help you catch ’em all.

Catching Pokemon with a dangerously low battery #riskybusiness

But alas, summer will wind itself down. You gain new friends. You lose old ones.

Beach campfires.


Sometimes, some friends leave and come back.

Friends since 1st grade

Ultimately summer, much like life is what you make of it. You can spend it inside afraid of the sun. Afraid of the inherent risk we all take when we step out our front door. Take the risk. Take the ride. Because even though rain may be splashing you in the face, it rinses off the sweat and ultimately beats sitting inside your car in traffic.


Enjoy these last few weeks of summer. I know I will.