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A Rad Idea

High school has never been radder. That is what two high school teachers from Southwest Washington believe and are trying to prove in their new crowdfunding project. Cody Barton & Evan Rumble are passionate about their classrooms and want to learn from educators from across the country. The idea was conceived on a flight returning from New Orleans last year where the two had explored a new city during their Spring Break of 2016.

Barton & Rumble, an English teacher & Art teacher respectively, learned so much about the New Orleans educational system after meeting local teachers & educators during a parade.Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.25.44 PM.png

After this chance encounter with other educators that helped influence many projects & discussions in the classroom, Barton & Rumble decided to think larger. They’ve set their sights on Minneapolis for Spring Break 2017.  F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan, Prince just to name a few are some of the creators & authors they wish to learn more about. If you wish to help them out, check our their Donation page here.

They wish to foster discussion & new ideas with both educators and their students. Next stop Minneapolis!