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Beers and Movies Site is now live!

If you missed it yesterday, I’ve officially launched my new project

I posted a short blog on there today outlining my ambitious cadence in which movie and beer reviews will be posted.

That is all for now. Thank you all for the support and I hope to see you there!

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New Website!

I know I don’t post on here often and this post will literally find no audience. But that’s ok.

IMG_1884I’ve recently been thinking about the need to create more. A need we all talk about but don’t actually follow through on. My largest time suck as of right now are stupid iPhone games that distract me from what really matters. So as the seasons change and Spring is bringing life to the trees here in Portland, I’ve decided I needed to breathe life back into my own creative outlet.

With that, may I introduce to you! It is completely under construction and I have no idea how it is going to look. But I do promise to write about my two favorite things: beers and movies.  I’ll be doing movie reviews, coming up with fun writing prompts, talk about industry news, sniff hops and drink beer! Please feel free to drop me a line for new ideas on twitter @jakehawk01 or by email  I hope you migrate there and join me on this new journey as I try to put my thoughts out on the Internet where nobody really cares except for me. And that’s ok. Cheers!