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Beers and Movies Site is now live!

If you missed it yesterday, I’ve officially launched my new project

I posted a short blog on there today outlining my ambitious cadence in which movie and beer reviews will be posted.

That is all for now. Thank you all for the support and I hope to see you there!

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New Website!

I know I don’t post on here often and this post will literally find no audience. But that’s ok.

IMG_1884I’ve recently been thinking about the need to create more. A need we all talk about but don’t actually follow through on. My largest time suck as of right now are stupid iPhone games that distract me from what really matters. So as the seasons change and Spring is bringing life to the trees here in Portland, I’ve decided I needed to breathe life back into my own creative outlet.

With that, may I introduce to you! It is completely under construction and I have no idea how it is going to look. But I do promise to write about my two favorite things: beers and movies.  I’ll be doing movie reviews, coming up with fun writing prompts, talk about industry news, sniff hops and drink beer! Please feel free to drop me a line for new ideas on twitter @jakehawk01 or by email  I hope you migrate there and join me on this new journey as I try to put my thoughts out on the Internet where nobody really cares except for me. And that’s ok. Cheers!

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A Rad Idea

High school has never been radder. That is what two high school teachers from Southwest Washington believe and are trying to prove in their new crowdfunding project. Cody Barton & Evan Rumble are passionate about their classrooms and want to learn from educators from across the country. The idea was conceived on a flight returning from New Orleans last year where the two had explored a new city during their Spring Break of 2016.

Barton & Rumble, an English teacher & Art teacher respectively, learned so much about the New Orleans educational system after meeting local teachers & educators during a parade.Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.25.44 PM.png

After this chance encounter with other educators that helped influence many projects & discussions in the classroom, Barton & Rumble decided to think larger. They’ve set their sights on Minneapolis for Spring Break 2017.  F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan, Prince just to name a few are some of the creators & authors they wish to learn more about. If you wish to help them out, check our their Donation page here.

They wish to foster discussion & new ideas with both educators and their students. Next stop Minneapolis!

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Summer 2016

The first drops of rain have started to hit the Portland streets. Yet as I swerve past the stupefied, angry driving commuters I smile with each H20 splash on my face. Why? Well, this has been a summer of blessings- splashy, Poke filled blessings.

Floating in Maui


Summer didn’t start out exactly as planned, but it is in times like these you persevere, make lemonade out of Beyonce and ultimately travel to Maui as many times as you can possibly get away with.


You drink too much beer with good friends. You seek out career changes and you go head first into the great unknown.

International Beer Festival

Adventure comes in many shapes and sizes. Some small. Some larger. Some Pokemon size. Hopefully you’ll have somebody by your side to help you catch ’em all.

Catching Pokemon with a dangerously low battery #riskybusiness

But alas, summer will wind itself down. You gain new friends. You lose old ones.

Beach campfires.


Sometimes, some friends leave and come back.

Friends since 1st grade

Ultimately summer, much like life is what you make of it. You can spend it inside afraid of the sun. Afraid of the inherent risk we all take when we step out our front door. Take the risk. Take the ride. Because even though rain may be splashing you in the face, it rinses off the sweat and ultimately beats sitting inside your car in traffic.


Enjoy these last few weeks of summer. I know I will.



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NoPo Run Club 3 Year Anniversary


If you live in the Portland metro area, are able to run a 5K, love to drink beer and don’t have anything better to do on a Wednesday night around 6:30PM, WHY ARE YOU NOT MEETING UP WITH US AT BAR BAR (MISSISSIPPI STUDIOS)?

The concept is pretty simple: We Run Socially and Drink Competitively. Just kidding, we aren’t THAT hardcore about the drinking part (after all, it is on a weekday). But I’ll tell you what, since I’ve been doing it for the past two months, Wednesdays are one of my favorite days of the week now. I get to run a short 5K with new running pals and have a pint or two of beer afterwards and not feel guilty about it.

May 21st was the 3rd year anniversary of the NoPo (north Portland) run club, and lots of fun activities were to be had. A few free PBRs, cupcakes and raffle prizes including free fun runs and t shirts.

You don’t even have to be a quick runner to do this, here is proof that I some how “run” the 5K 600_366384232


My point is simple: if you are free at 6:30 any Wednesday and want to feel guilt free about drinking a beer or two on a weekday, meet new friends and get a quick workout in, come on down to NoPo run club at Bar Bar on Mississippi. And hey, if you’re new to the area its a lot easier meeting people this way instead of trying to meet up with them awkwardly on Tinder.

More information can be found here!

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Godzilla (2014) Thoughts

Godzilla Legendary Pictures 2014


That was a doozy. After a great marketing campaign and intriguing trailers feeding our imaginative minds of what Gareth Edwards can do with the Godzilla property, we can all finally see the film in its full glory. And its just sort of “meh.” Which is really unfortunate because the first half of the film had so much going for it. *SOME SPOILERS TO FOLLOW*

We have Bryan Cranston haunted by a past mistake…we have his boring son, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, that is boring with his boring wife, Elizabeth Olsen, who is also boring with their boring son. Before I go any further, nobody else finds it a little weird that these two are love interests in this film but are going to be (at least in the comic book origins) twins in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie next summer as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch? Okay, if nobody else finds it weird, I won’t either.

Point being, all of these characters are boring. Except for Cranston. So who does the movie follow after the first act? The boring characters. It basically turns into a mash up of Planes, Trains and Automobiles meets Pacific Rim…which is fine in theory, except our protagonist is so boring and so uncompelling that I find myself wanting a MUTO to claw my eyes out.

We finally see a glimpse of our title character 45 minutes into the movie. Great. Some action. I’m all about nuances and building character from slow development…but jeesh, for a movie called Godzilla, we only see the guy for a total of maybe 10 minutes. Which, again would be fine, if you made me care about any of the characters but I didn’t. Or at least not as much as I could and was willing to. This can all be forgiven…until our 3rd act, after our lead human had traveled from San Fransisco to Japan and back…they explained his travels way too much. If he was funny and interesting it would have been fine. But I don’t need to spend 10 minutes watching you arm a bomb and check to see if a bridge is intact.

Okay, fine, some boring plot points but I can forgive it…until the plot starts to resemble a little film we all would like to forget…you know what I’m talking about: the 1998 version of Godzilla…wherein “Zilla” is actually a female laying eggs all over New York City. Why are screen writers obsessed with all monsters procreating? Why can’t we just have monsters wanting to feed? Why does the motivation have to be sex? Granted, this is the number one motivation in most young male’s lives, but I can’t imagine it being on the top of a giant monster’s priority list that had been dormant for thousands, perhaps millions of years.

Then we kinda of watch two giant monsters do the dirty deed. If it would have had the “bow chica wow wow” bass line underneath, I would have lost it. I have to pause at this point:

Guys, I actually enjoyed this movie. For all its flaws and missteps and boring characters, it was actually pretty fun. There are a lot of easter eggs for fans of the original film and we are pretty much at a clean slate going forward. I didn’t give too much away…I just had to point out all of its flaws because they were on my mind all night. Sorry for the word vomit. Go see this thing in theaters. The set designs are great, the 10 minutes of CGI Godzilla are incredible, roar with the digitized, kinda eery sound of ending is worth the price of admission.

If anything this is a bluray rental in 7 months. Might as well see it now though.

Anybody else see it this weekend? Chances are yes, it made over 90Mil at the box office. What are you thoughts on the reboot? Am I the only one that laughed at parts that weren’t meant to be funny?

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50 things you can do with Google

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 9.57.09 AMNot sure how long this feature has been around, but you can now find this link under the search bar on the main page of Google. Has a bunch of cool tutorials that you may or may not have known about the Gewgs. Unsend emails, install apps on your phone without touching…some interesting tidbits of information. Have fun with this one.