Octopus Ink Tattoo located in Lake Oswego, Oregon offered me the opportunity to create a few short films in a series to showcase the artwork coming out of this shop. Here we have the first of the series showcasing the art of Jim Knoeppel.

In a final video I made for Broadcasting for Digital interfaces I captured the process of curating an art show. In the short film we delve in to the chaotic world of two students from WSUV in the CMDC program who were the first to lead an art show as students in the Vancouver area.

In this mini profile I looked at another WSUV student, John Wolf. Who wrote and directed the first film ever to be shot entirely on WSUV campus and sponsored by the school. I wanted to capture the moments he saw the film for the first time on a screen, edited and not through the lens of a camera.

I did another profile piece on Octopus Ink Tattoo artist, Jim Knoeppel. I wanted to investigate the moments before and during a tattoo, since most of the time all we see is the final product. A lot of prep work goes in to the art and process, so much more respect can be gained by understanding their work prior to the needle moving.

In this short film I made for DTC 354 Digital Story telling, I decided to look for an older poem I had written when I was in elementary school. I updated and changed the words around a little bit to get a better flow. This with the combination of being solely edited on iMovie on an iOS device shows how far we’ve come with technology and where we can go from here. Being able to edit on the go where ever I was definitely influenced some of the style of the video and also the music.

For my senior seminar course I was asked to help film, direct, produce and edit a series of videos for the Business program at Washington State University Vancouver. Our group made a total of 6 videos for the web. These videos showcase the talents of the group and also the great work being done with the Business program. We decided to use green screens behind the people being interviewed to be more creative with our videos.

Once we have the videos completely done, this is where one of the videos will go.

The Technological Divide was a film I edited for DTC 475: Digital Diversity. We examined and researched how hard it is to be a homeless person in the 21st century without any sort of technology except for an email address. This film is not currently done but includes several interviews, video, music and statistics gathered from the group.

The Technological Divide


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