Autovation at OMSI
In 2011-2012 I helped with the MTRI (Mobile Tech Research Initiative) and with the Autovation project for OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). I helped with research and scripting for the animations of the Autovation project and also scripting for the descriptions for the audience, which was very interesting to do when your audience can range from 10-65. Here is a link to the website to tell about the project in more detail.

Autovation Exhibit Installed at OMSI June 2012



A panel from “Captured”

“Captured” is an interactive graphic novel I made with Brian McGovern in DTC 338: Digital Graphic novels. The story is about a photojournalist that must go to several different locations to solve a mystery. What was most interesting about this project is that we had the readers of the graphic novel go to the same locations as the lead character does. With Beetagg technology we were able to make this story unfold in a way that let the reader interact with the real locations. Being able to tag a location and get information, i.e. a digital graphic novel, and blur the lines between the digital and the real world really interests me. The version here is only the first chapter in this groundbreaking story.

Where is MINI GW?

“Where is Mini GW” was an interactive website I made for the multimedia authoring class. It chronicled my vacation from PDX to LAX for my cousin’s wedding. While there I was taking photos of a toy figurine of George W. Bush hidden somewhere in the picture.


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